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Untreated tooth causes a heart attack?

MedExpress Team


Published Aug. 11, 2022 12:04

Untreated tooth causes a heart attack? - Header image
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Hardly anyone is aware of the great consequences of untreated teeth. We usually equate this fact with pain, bad breath and an unsightly smile. Unfortunately, this discomfort can turn into something much worse. Untreated dentition leads to very serious diseases, and in extreme cases even to a heart attack or death.

Caries is a common disease and is the most common problem in the dentition of Poles. At the same time, it does not seem like anything dangerous to most of us, until the dentist is forced to take radical steps. The second place on the podium is taken by periodontitis, i.e. periodontitis, which results in loosening of the teeth - most often only in adults, but also more and more often in adolescents. In the case of both seemingly harmless diseases, bacteria are responsible for the destruction. Underestimating these problems most often results in a multi-organ disease, ranging from tooth loss, through headaches, to cancer and the entire spectrum of diseases resulting from complications.

Less obvious consequences of untreate...

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