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An ambulance in every municipality is a good idea?

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Published April 13, 2023 08:40

An ambulance in every municipality is a good idea? - Header image
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A medical rescue team is not always available, so the teams in the guards will serve as auxiliaries, Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska assured during Wednesday's meeting of the Senate Health Committee. Kraska, who himself oversees medical rescue, did not directly cut himself off from the solutions prepared at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but he did not sign off on them either.

The draft law prepared at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration on civil protection and disaster management, which provides for the introduction of the solution known as "an ambulance in every municipality," has not yet been adopted by the government, but the objections formulated during inter-ministerial consultations by the Health Ministry show that these solutions could negatively affect the operation of emergency medical services. On Wednesday, April 12, the Senate Health Committee heard information from the Health Minister on the subject. The senators also invited representatives of paramedics to the meeting - and the discussion show...

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