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The higher good clause: Will the justice minister keep his word?

MedExpress Team

Published April 15, 2024 20:07

The higher good clause: Will the justice minister keep his word? - Header image
Fot. Jakub Orzechowski / Agencja Gazeta
Will the Minister of Justice keep his word and his ministry present in May a proposal for amendments to the Criminal Code, taking into account the draft higher good clause prepared by the medical self-government? Its representatives are very much hoping for this, stressing that without this solution, the Medical Events Compensation Fund will not function properly, as doctors and hospitals continue to be paralyzed by fear of the prosecutor.

- One in ten patients who are treated in a hospital will fall victim to an adverse medical event. This is the international data. It could be an event that simply results from the organization of the system, results from the conduct of many people, or is simply unavoidable," Jakub Kosikowski, spokesman for the Supreme Medical Chamber, said Monday during a meeting with journalists.

The local government wants to introduce a "culture of fair treatment," an element of which would be the higher good clause. This ...

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