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Column: What is the quality?

MedExpress Team

Małgorzata Solecka

Published May 22, 2023 09:31

Column: What is the quality? - Header image
I'm nervously refreshing the parliamentary pages, because Wednesday marks the beginning of the session where pro-equality bills are scheduled to return. This time dually, as parliamentary bills. Former Deputy Health Minister Jozefa Szczurek-Zelazko, the same one who in April stopped the already passed bill on quality in health care and patient safety with a vote of abstention, helping to sustain the Senate's veto, is now piloting an amendment to the Law on Patients' Rights and Patients' Ombudsman, which includes a block of provisions on the Medical Events Compensation Fund.

This is the less controversial part of the endeavor, which is designed to circumvent the vote that was lost a few weeks ago, and even so - just a cursory reading of the draft, especially without an explanatory memorandum, one can guess that there will be "no end to the laughs" during the first reading, when all doubts will be clarified. Particularly a lot of "fun" will probably be provided by Article 13, which specifies the maximum li...

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