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MZ: staffing crisis in nursing, doctors will be oversupplied

MedExpress Team

Published March 21, 2024 10:07

MZ: staffing crisis in nursing, doctors will be oversupplied - Header image
The number of nurses reaching retirement age will be greater than the number of nurses graduating and entering the profession. We don't have generational replacement," the MZ representative admitted during a meeting of the standing subcommittee on health care organization. At the same time, he informed MPs that we could already be talking about an oversupply of doctors' work in the coming years.

To put it simply: the medical faculties that have opened in recent years will result in too many doctors for the system's needs and capacities - at least according to the Health Ministry's projections. However, nothing during the subcommittee's meeting indicated that this would be a rationale for closing those medical faculties that do not have a positive PKA opinion and are currently being audited.

The standing subcommittee on the organization of health care considered information on March 19 on medical personnel in the health care system (numbers and needs) by professional groups and specialties. The medical profession in particular was put under the microscope. The report was presented on behalf of the ministry by the director of the Department of Medical Personnel Development at the Ministry of Health, Mariusz Klencki, who des...

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