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Quality Law: What are the medics hoping for?

MedExpress Team


Published April 17, 2023 17:17

Quality Law: What are the medics hoping for? - Header image
We want constructive dialogue, we want talks about quality and patient safety," Lukasz Jankowski, president of the Supreme Medical Council, said on Monday. The Agreement of Medical Organizations held a press conference at the NIL headquarters, during which leaders assured that no one cares more than doctors about quality in health care and patient safety.

The Diet on Friday failed to override the Senate's veto of the Law on Quality in Health Care and Patient Safety. The Senate's resolution was just one vote short of rejection, and the Health Minister immediately after the vote lamented that the patient lost and corporate interests won, and announced that he would do everything possible to bring the bill back.

Monday's conference was attended by representatives of the Supreme Chamber of Physicians, the Federation of Healthcare Employers' Associations "Porozumienie Zielo...

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