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PZ: Closure of the 40 PLUS Prevention Program is a loss for patients

MedExpress Team


Published May 10, 2024 08:56

PZ: Closure of the 40 PLUS Prevention Program is a loss for patients - Header image
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The premise of the 40 PLUS Program was very simple. It was supposed to rebuild the health of Poles after the pandemic. At that time, many patients did not regularly perform preventive examinations, and some avoided them altogether. The consequences of such behavior are tragic; to this day, patients with advanced illnesses and severely exacerbated chronic diseases still end up in the offices of the POZ. As intended, the program is expected to run until the end of June. Experts stress, however, that it is worth keeping it up, but in no way is it worth holding back, inhibiting a preventive program that is just beginning to produce tangible results.

The Prophylaxis 40 PLUS program packages free examinations for anyone over 40. More than 23 million people in Poland are eligible for these tests. More than a thousand clinics can perform them. On average, each facility has more than 2.5 thousand patients in the 40 PLUS program. So far, more than 2.8 million Poles have taken advantage of it once, and nearly 400 thousand have registered for the tests a second time.

On average in the country, 12.2 percent of those eligible have taken their first tests, but there are facilities that have this rate at a very high level, even 78 percent. This pays off.

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