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The law on quality will return. What will change?

MedExpress Team


Published April 25, 2023 08:43

The law on quality will return. What will change? - Header image
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The Health Care Quality and Patient Safety Act, which was recently rejected by parliament, will return to the Sejm in May as a parliamentary bill. There will be significant changes in it, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced on Monday.

- This is a topic I can't let go of, because it's too important for patients in Poland," Adam Niedzielski declared during a panel on health care at the European Economic Congress in Katowice. The Health Minister confirmed earlier announcements that the Quality Bill will return to the Sejm. However, it will not be a government bill (so that the minister will not have to submit the draft for public consultation, and the need to explain why he has not done so will fall away), but an MP bill. Such a scenario was already expected a few days ago, when the minister officially announced that the Quality L...

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