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A government program to combat obesity is needed. Fatphobia in doctors' offices is also a problem

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published May 29, 2023 10:54

A government program to combat obesity is needed. Fatphobia in doctors' offices is also a problem - Header image
- The government should decide to create a national program to combat obesity, MP Rajmund Miller said during a meeting of the standing subcommittee on public health. Determining measures at the ministerial level leads, in his opinion, to ineffective management of the fight against the problem, which in just a few years could affect up to one in three Poles. Meanwhile, 13 percent of obese people are already dropping out of treatment because they encountered the phenomenon of fatphobia in the office.

- Obesity is the fifth most common risk factor for death, after hypertension, smoking, air pollution and diabetes. According to the National Health Service, 3 in 5 adult Poles are already overweight, and one in four is obese. In six years, 30 percent of people will be obese," recalled subcommittee chairman Marek Hok.

Meanwhile, obesity is already considered a chronic disease, dangerous especially since it causes up to about 200 complications.

- The problem affects every social group. It is a nationwide and worldwide challenge. A period of pandemonium and associated insufficient physical activity, as well as a diet that has been changing for years, are important factors exacerbating this phenomenon," admitted Deputy Health Minister Maciej Miłkowski.

As the deputy minister recalled, the National Health Program implemented by the ministry targets t...

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