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NIL: Elections to the Supreme Medical Court

MedExpress Team


Published June 3, 2022 13:04

NIL: Elections to the Supreme Medical Court - Header image
On Thursday, June 2, the election of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the NSL took place.

The Supreme Medical Court is an organ of the Supreme Medical Chamber. Responsible for conducting professional liability proceedings. Pursuant to the act on medical chambers, its work is managed and represented externally by the chairman, who is elected by the members of the Court.

Dr. n. med. Jacek Miarka again became the chairman of the Supreme Medical Court, and the vice-chairmen: dr. dent. Mariola Łyczewska and doctor. Leszek Orliński.

Let us remind you: The composition of the NSL was selected during this year's XV National Congress of Doctors.
Members of the Supreme Medical Court of the 9th term:
1 drug. Winciunas Piotr - District...

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