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NIL on medical data

MedExpress Team

Published Feb. 13, 2024 11:09

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In the coming years, medical data will be one of the most important topics around which public debate will center, both at the national and European levels. Therefore, it is necessary already at this time to think beyond ministries, including social partners and one of the most important tasks is to prepare a draft law on medical data. These are just some of the conclusions of the report "Medical data in the work of the doctor - current status and desired changes, which was presented at the Supreme Medical Council.

The report was presented Monday by representatives of the Central Center for Research, Innovation and Education at the Supreme Medical Council and the NIL Network of Physician Innovators. It is intended, as explained by the president of the Supreme Medical Council Lukasz Jankowski, to be a starting point (and at the same time a substantive expert voice) for debate with decision-makers. - Listening to the expectations of the Ministry and also the expectations of physicians, we want to be a subs...

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