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Prof. Mariusz Gujski: Communication was an Achilles heel during the pandemic

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Nov. 16, 2022 19:34

Prof. Mariusz Gujski: Communication was an Achilles heel during the pandemic - Header image
– We were unable to clearly, calmly and objectively explain to people where certain restrictions come from and why they should behave as they did. We were unable to explain our decisions factually, and it is worth adding that many of them were incomprehensible, wrong and absurd. They often resulted from ignorance, or from the fact that in many countries the pandemic was managed by politicians, not experts, said Prof. Mariusz Gujski, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Warsaw, commenting on the results of an international study on the strategy of minimizing the effects of future pandemics. Professor Gujski is a co-author of an article published in the prestigious journal Nature.

Professor, you were a participant in the #COVIDconsensus panel. What are the most important recommendations of experts that will allow you to defend yourself against the pandemic without increasing the social burden.

The publication in Nature is the world's first recommendations on the Covid-19 pandemic, built by scientists from around the world. An important value is that these are the first recommendations built by the scientific team. Previously, there were recommendations of WHO, ECDC, various policy recommendations, and these are the first recommendation...

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