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Rzeszow: more victims of legionella

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Aug. 25, 2023 09:12

Rzeszow: more victims of legionella - Header image
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The seventh person found to be infected with Legionella has died, Chief Sanitary Inspector Krzysztof Saczka told Polsat News. A total of 76 infected people have been diagnosed with the infection so far.

- The deceased were heavily burdened by their health situation, struggling with chronic illnesses, including oncology. They had severely reduced immunity. They are individuals between the ages of 63 and 95. They are four men and three women," stressed Krzysztof Saczka.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the results of water tests from samples taken in the city. These are expected to be known on Monday.

- The results of the samp...

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