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Vaccination verification. The Health Committee adopted the draft

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Published Jan. 12, 2022 13:18

Vaccination verification. The Health Committee adopted the draft - Header image
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On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Health Committee adopted the amendments of MP Czesław Hoc (PiS) to the bill on verification of employee tests. However, it rejected amendments proposed by the opposition, including an amendment by the Left to introduce universal vaccination obligations.

The meeting of the Health Committee was started by a dispute with members of the Confederation, who demanded that "assistants and experts" be admitted to the meeting, some of whom took part in a demonstration in front of the Sejm, during which there was, inter alia, the slogan "You will hang!". The chairman of the Health Committee, Tomasz Latos, did not accede to Grzegorz Braun's request, arguing that on January 5, a public hearing of the bill was held, during which all the applicants could speak (which was used by almost one hundred percent of the anti-vaccine community, for several hours by submitting their comments to as much to the bill as to the legitimacy of vaccination against COVID-19).

Once this was settled, MP Rajmund Miller (KO) asked MPs to celebrate a minute's silence for the victims of the coronavirus. Just on Tuesday, Poland bro...

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