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Coffee and Health: Struggling with the autumn chill? Support yourself with coffee!

MedExpress Team

Published Nov. 28, 2023 09:06

Coffee and Health: Struggling with the autumn chill? Support yourself with coffee! - Header image
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Fatigue, lack of motivation to act, problems with concentration and a general drop in mood are for many a sign that autumn has settled in for good. Days are getting shorter, and the weather outside the window does not encourage walks in the fresh air. It is then worthwhile to reach for natural remedies that will help you get through this sensitive time. It turns out that a lifesaver for autumn gloom can be regular drinking of coffee, which not only can contribute to improving mood, but can also positively affect alertness and concentration. How is this possible?

Although coffee contains more than a thousand different bioactive substances, it is particularly valued for its high content of caffeine, a mild stimulant that stimulates nervous system activity, influencing, among other things, increased alertness and improved performance during training. Research suggests that moderate consumption of caffeine contained in coffee may therefore be associated with a number of desirable physiological phenomena, including improved physical and mental performance[vi]. This is especially important during the solstice, as this is when we are particularly susceptible to seasonal mood lows.

Seasonal despondency is not an invention

Autumn despondency is a state of unjustified depression and mood swings. The fatigue felt at the time, apathy, mood swings and sleep disturbances are a real problem that many people face during the autumn-winter season. One of the main reasons for this is a lower intake of sunlight, which leads, among other things, to vitamin D deficiencies and, consequently, excessive secretion of melatonin (the night horm...

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