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No modern oncology without genetic testing

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Published June 28, 2023 12:38

No modern oncology without genetic testing - Header image
Szczyt Zdrowie 2023 - fot. Andrzej Kacprzak
Interview with Andrzej Tysarowski, MD, head of the Department of Genetic and Molecular Cancer Diagnostics at the National Cancer Institute in Warsaw, coordinator of genetic diagnostic guidelines within the National Cancer Strategy.

Medexpress: How is molecular diagnostics changing the approach to cancer and its treatment? What are the benefits of modern comprehensive genomic profiling?

A.T.: Genetic diagnosis is now a cornerstone of the diagnostic and therapeutic process in oncology. Until some time ago (about 20 years ago), molecular diagnostics were used in individual cancer treatments, such as for the inclusion of therapy in breast cancer with HER2. Then GISTs, colorectal cancer, lung cancer were added to this pool of cancers. And for the past five years or so, this pool has been growing. Now it's expanded diagnostics in breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer. Molecular diagnostics is most popular in lung cancer, since the most molecular therapies are available here. Also not to be forgotten are melanoma and the less common, diagnostically difficult cancers - sarcomas. The purpose of such diagnostics is, of course, to qualify for modern targeted therapies (so-called personalized m...

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