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[SONDA] MPs on access to molecular diagnostics

MedExpress Team


Published Feb. 5, 2024 11:16

[SONDA] MPs on access to molecular diagnostics - Header image
fot. Piotr Wójcik
Molecular diagnostics has been one of the most important topics of public debate since the beginning of 2023. In addition to the work on amending the Medical Fund Act, the topic of molecular diagnostics in the treatment of cancer patients has been raised repeatedly in the Polish Parliament, twice at meetings of the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Oncology, at the meeting of the Senate Health Committee on the occasion of the discussion of the implementation of the Medical Fund Act and the National Oncology Strategy, and finally at the meeting of the Parliamentary Group for Public Health on the implementation of the Medical Fund. We asked MPs about molecular diagnostics: Alicja Chybicka and Marcelina Zawisza, and MP Mark Hook.

Watch the poll:

Members agree. - Improving access to genetic diagnosis is essential. There are no more urgent needs. This is worth any money," they say.

Without access to modern publicly funded molecular diagnostics, including so-called liquid biopsy today, we cannot talk about effective treatment in oncology, and modern genetic testing should be an integral part of the diagnostic and therapeutic process of cancer in adult patients as well. All the more so because next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a revolution in oncology diagnostics, making it possible to analyze up to several hundred genes simultaneously, which is particularly important for molecularly diverse cancers - such cancers of the lung, breast, ovary, pancreas, prostate or colon.<...

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