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MZ: We are in a very difficult situation, this is a test for the entire European Union

MedExpress Team


Published March 8, 2022 07:48

MZ: We are in a very difficult situation, this is a test for the entire European Union - Header image
Fot . Krzysztof Cwik / Agencja
The number of refugees flowing in is increasing every day. We are at the forefront of this aid, but we want to feel that there is a reliable partner behind us who will help us - said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski after the meeting with the EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. The Commissioner has already declared that EU countries will prepare 10,000 hospital beds for refugees who need specialist treatment.

The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, and the European Commissioner for Health, Stela Kiriakidu, visited the reception point in Młyny near Korczowa on Monday. - We are in a very difficult situation, in which the number of refugees is growing every day. At the moment, we have already exceeded the number of 100,000 a day, and the total number of refugees has already exceeded a million - said Minister Niedzielski during the briefing. - We have the first information about patients who go to Polish hospitals and are referred to hospitals or directly at the border, if they are in a serious condition, if they require immediate...

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