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A new medical evacuation hub has been opened for Ukrainian patients

MedExpress Team


Published Sept. 1, 2022 14:24

A new medical evacuation hub has been opened for Ukrainian patients - Header image
Źródło: Facebook/MinistertwoZdrowia
Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarčič, together with health ministers from Poland and Ukraine, officially opened today in Jasionka near Rzeszów a new EU Medevac Hub - a medical evacuation center for patients from Ukraine.

The new EU Medevac Hub, funded under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, is part of a wider medical evacuation program launched by the European Union in March 2022. The Hub will provide a safe space for patients arriving from Ukraine before they are transported for treatment in a hospital in another European country.

In the hub, patients will have access to 24/7 nursing care, screening tests, vaccinations and psychological support. The hub also aims to facilitate the work of medical personnel who care for particularly sensitive patients coming from Ukraine. The medical evacuation program includes two weekly evacuation flights provided by Norway. Patients are transported from Rzeszów to countries offeri...

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