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Polish mobile clinics save people in Kharkiv region

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Published Oct. 31, 2023 09:01

Polish mobile clinics save people in Kharkiv region - Header image
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Polish Medical Mission has delivered more than 160 transports of medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals. For several months, in cooperation with the Frida organization, it has also been supporting the residents of the Kharkiv region, which is located near the front line, with mobile clinics. Doctors working in them have already provided nearly 2,000 medical consultations.

In cooperation with the NGO FRIDA, the Polish Medical Mission has established a medical team that travels between smaller towns in the east of the country, in the Kharkiv region. The medics are provided with two cars equipped with major medical equipment. Each team includes two doctors and two nurses, additionally supported by a pharmacist. Regular visits to selected localities will make it possible to carry out drug distribution and control disease outbreaks that may occur in the region.

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