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There are no other pills anymore. There is only the "day after" one

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published May 10, 2024 09:00

- Every day we dispense narcotics, the heaviest drugs, and suddenly it turns out that with this one there is such a big political dispute, and yet this can be completely peacefully reconciled. This project should be worked on, and at the same time give a free hand to pharmacists. Let them decide for themselves, as they do 180,000 times a month when they issue pharmaceutical prescriptions in a health emergency," said Marek Tomkow, president of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber, when asked on the program Wyszło na Zdrowie about the dispute over the pilot program, under which pharmacists will be able to issue prescriptions for emergency contraception.

Slightly more than 100 applications for participation in the pilot, under which a prescription for the morning-after pill will be available from a pharmacist, had been received by May 7 at NFZ branches across Poland. Considering the number of pharmacies in Poland, this is probably not a staggering number?

This interest is not small, because if we are talking about a hundred pharmacies in a few days, it is easy to imagine that this will certainly be a number several times higher in a while. The second issue is whether we really need to run 12,000 pharmacies and 27,000 pharmacists for these few hundred prescriptions a day. I think there is no need to bid on how many there will be. What is important, however, is that they be evenly distributed.

We had a meeting attended by several thousand pharmacists and tried to address a great many concerns. There are two issues that need to be discussed in particular. The first issue is the famous parental consent in a 15-year-old. This position of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Council is not based on my or my colleagues' beliefs. It is also the position of the Supreme Pharmacy Council, the Supreme Medical Council, the Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives, as well as Physiotherapists or Diagnosticians.

The communities of all medical authorities have said directly that this is a health service, so there should be guardian's consent in the case of a minor. That's what the Ombudsman said, that's what journalists said, and that's what lawyers said. They all say that this consent should be there, and this was the first point that pharmacists wanted to hear. Our recommendation is that in minors such consent should be asked for.

The second issue is the National Health Fund procedures. We are talking about 100 applications so far. This does not mean that the contracts are concluded yet. This procedure will take a while. Hopefully shorter than...

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