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Poland is a planet of monkeys

MedExpress Team

Published May 21, 2024 09:00

Poland is a planet of monkeys - Header image
The problem of monkeys is the problem of a laborer going to a construction site that no one controls, it's the problem of an office worker who drinks three monkeys in an underground garage when he has to go up to the 38th floor. No one controls this, no one thinks about it. Are the so-called monkeys a threat to Poles and what should be done about them? - We ask Dr. Michal Sutkowski.

Today a topic that affects many millions of Poles. The only species of monkey living in Poland is the so-called monkey. We take it for a walk, to work, on a bicycle, to the beach. Recently, there have been ideas to drive these "monkeys" out of their natural habitats, namely neighborhood stores and gas stations. Doctor, what's wrong with "monkeys"?

There's a lot wrong with monkeys. This is indeed the most famous creature until 1 p.m. We buy these creatures in neighborhood stores on the way to work - note, by car often - 3 million pieces. 700-800 thousand people in Poland are not sober. How many families suffer because of this? How many of these people are sick, addicted? It's really we doctors who see every day in our offices what kind of damage, what kind of drama and social impact this is. ...

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