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Why don't entrepreneurs like the health premium?

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Published April 19, 2024 09:00

Why don't entrepreneurs like the health premium? - Header image
Szymon Ostrowski, an economic journalist, creator and head of the channel and blog "Business on the spur", is a guest on the program It came out today.

Piotr Wojcik: What do entrepreneurs dislike most?

Szymon Ostrowski: Among the top three concerns of small entrepreneurs by far is the need to pay Social Security premiums. I'm referring to all types of Social Security contributions - both pension, sickness and health contributions (we consider them as one, although of course they are different contributions, going for different purposes).

Piotr Wojcik: Health premiums have been talked about a lot lately in the context of the ruling coalition's proposed changes. Recall. Before the Polish Deal, the health premium was tax deductible, so entrepreneurs did not feel so much that they were paying it. When the Polish Deal came in, this possibility was eliminated. The health contribution did not get good press, and now there is a proposal to lump this contribution and lower it. I'm speaking in a very simplistic way, but the general idea is just that. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Szymon Ostrowski: Social Security premiums have always been a sore point, for the reason that you had to pay them regardless of whether you made a profit or not. If an entrepreneur had a loss in a given month, he still had to pay ZUS premiums. In the case where we had to deal with changes related to ZUS premiums, calculated already at this point on our income (fixed rate on income) then here, in a way, one could theoretically say that this is a better solution, because if we earn less then t...

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