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Walenty Zajdel

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Walenty Zajdel

Published Jan. 4, 2023 08:34

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On January 3, 2023, in the program "Kwadrans Polityczny" on TVP1, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska said, among other things, that "at the next session of the Sejm, next week, we want to submit an amendment so that the pharmacist can also issue us this prescription. So we enter the pharmacy , we have a desire to be vaccinated, we receive this vaccination the moment we are at the pharmacy."

Everyone can make a mistake or have a bad day. The Deputy Minister of Health, Waldemar Kraska, talked nonsense several times about vaccinations in pharmacies. This means that it was not a weaker day, but a lack of knowledge of the facts in this area.

The facts are as follows: in Poland, there are about 5,000 influenza vaccination points, including about 1,400 in pharmacies, i.e., on aver...

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