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Walenty Zajdel

Testing in pharmacies, that is a series of errors

MedExpress Team

Walenty Zajdel

Published Feb. 7, 2022 08:15

Testing in pharmacies, that is a series of errors - Header image
From the beginning of the pandemic, testing has been one of the weakest points of the Polish fight against the pandemic. Only 98th place in the world in terms of testing intensity speaks for itself. Botswana is directly ahead of Poland.

Private laboratories have repeatedly asked the minister of health to enable the performance of antigen tests - the minister of health did not consent to this. Why would pharmacists correct mistakes and omissions made by the government.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, as of February 2, tests are performed in only about one hundred pharmacies. Moreover, the number of tests performed is negligible as they are performed within a very limited time band or after the pharmacy's working hours.

First mistake:

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