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FeatureMałgorzata Solecka

Vaccination: one would like great things....

MedExpress Team

Małgorzata Solecka

Published Feb. 5, 2024 12:34

Vaccination: one would like great things.... - Header image
... and here reality squawks. This colloquial version of Stanislaw Wyspianski's words ("So that our hearts would laugh to great, great things. And here commonness squawks ...") perfectly describes the current situation in the sensitive area of public health quite accurately.

The Health Minister wonders if HPV vaccination could be organized in schools. And pharmacies. Experts have no doubt - without vaccination in schools it will be difficult to achieve any satisfactory results. PCPs (nota bene, less than one in five dispensaries has joined the vaccination program, which, unfortunately, testifies as much to the conservative instinct of the managers as to the quality of the program) are demanding that we end the chocholy dance and include vaccination against the human papilloma virus in the PSO, which will simplify procedures...

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