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AOTMiT: List of highly innovative drug technologies

MedExpress Team

Published June 24, 2023 07:57

AOTMiT: List of highly innovative drug technologies - Header image
Źródło: AOTMiT
Once a year, the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tarification prepares a list of highly innovative drug technologies for the Minister of Health. What therapies are included in the proposals to the MZ?

Highly innovative drug technologies focus on rare diseases and oncology, and the creation of the TLI list, focuses on promising therapies offered for these conditions.

AOTMiT determines the level of innovation and the conditions for the creation of this list with particular regard to the expected health effects, taking into account, among other things, the strength of the intervention, the quality of scientific data, the unmet health need, the size of the target population and health priorities. The extent of this data is extremely important because drugs with a high level of innovation that would be subject to funding are relatively short-lived on the market, and this implies a high degree of uncertainty in the application.

The creation of the TLI list is the first stage of the reimbursement process for highly innovative drug technologies. The next is the creation of the TLI list by the Minister of Health after prior consult...

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