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Treatment of retinal diseases: it's good, but could be even better

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published March 27, 2024 13:31

Treatment of retinal diseases: it's good, but could be even better - Header image
The drug program in operation in Poland for patients with retinal diseases (B.70) is world-class, experts agree. Since January, it has been reimbursing pharizymab, a bispecific antibody with high efficacy, administered by injections into the eye up to once every four months. Ophthalmologists acknowledge that this is a revolution, but also a point to consider what else to improve in the system for treating patients with eye diseases. After all, in the coming decades we will meet the challenge of demographics.

- If there is a will, there is someone to talk to, and the right group of experts comes together to do it, then such changes succeed. Then it is money best spent. It's always going to be a bottomless bag, but if the outlays are directed in the right way and the final savings can be made, it's something we should strive for. The changes that have taken place in ophthalmology have represented something of a revolution. The NHF spends 450 million zlotys a year on the B.70 drug program. The problems we face today are very similar to those in Western Eu...

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