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Prescription drugs: Nabbed in packaging. NFZ intervenes

MedExpress Team

Published April 29, 2024 09:10

Prescription drugs: Nabbed in packaging. NFZ intervenes - Header image
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Regulation of the prescription drug market was a necessity. It came to such absurd situations there that the National Health Fund had to pay up to 200 thousand zlotys for an ointment prepared in a pharmacy. However, the market does not like a vacuum, and you can already see another way to charge the Fund with gigantic costs. This time for prescription drug packaging.

In total, in 2023. The National Health Service spent a record more than PLN 758 million on prescription drug reimbursement. This is every insured person's money, which could be better spent, for example, on treating cancer patients. Therefore, the NFZ explains, regulation of the prescription drug market was a necessity. Maximum prices were introduced for the raw materials used to make a prescription drug. The first list of these prices is valid - according to the law - until the end of June 2024. A new list will be published in July.

Prescription drugs: irregularities under the magnifying glass of the National Health Fund and law enforcement agencies

Between 2020 and 2023, the NHF conducted a total of nearly 197 pharmacy inspections and 18 investigations in the area of medical prescribing (against 57 doctors). All of them concerned prescription drugs. The total financial impact fr...

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