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Security update and new features in myIKP app

MedExpress Team


Published June 2, 2023 11:02

Security update and new features in myIKP app - Header image
An update to the myIKP app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. It's about renewing a valid security certificate and introducing additional features, such as making it easier to contact your clinic or the option to check the expiration date of medicines in your home medicine cabinet.

- We aim to make the mojeIKP application as easy as possible for patients to function in the health care system and involve them in taking care of their health matters. We are working intensively on new solutions that will realize this goal and are systematically developing our application with them," emphasizes Pawel Kikosicki, director of the e-Health Center.

Data security first

The new version of the application is primarily a security update that will allow you to renew your special certificate. At the appropriate time, it will allow you to reactivat...

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