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Treating blindness is no longer considered a miracle

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published May 12, 2023 10:55

Treating blindness is no longer considered a miracle - Header image
- We can repair genes and restore sight to people who were born blind. This is something absolutely amazing," says Professor Maciej Wojtkowski, director of the International Center for Eye Research in Warsaw (ICTER). The unit, in cooperation with the world's leading eye research centers, is creating technologies that are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of the most difficult eye diseases.

The International Center for Eye Research (ICTER) was established thanks to European funds from the Program for Intelligent Development (POIR) awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) under the International Research Agendas (MAB) program. The research carried out at MAB is interdisciplinary in nature and the results will enable the development of new technologies to serve society in the future.

- ICTER is one of 14 International Research Agencies. It is the only such program in Poland, which enables the creation of new research units led...

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