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Early diagnosis is most important in AMD

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Published March 31, 2023 08:00

Early diagnosis is most important in AMD - Header image
- We have a very good standard of treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), but it treats at most 30 percent of the population suffering from the exudative form. The rest of the patients simply go blind," says Malgorzata Pacholec, president of the Retina AMD Association of Poland, commenting on the findings of the latest report on the disease. As she adds, what is needed above all is early diagnosis. However, it turns out that one has to wait up to six months for a consultation.

There are nearly 190 million AMD patients worldwide. In Poland, according to the Retina AMD Association of Poland, there may be as many as 140,000 people with the exudative form of this progressive, multidimensional disabling disease. It is estimated that there will be up to 14 thousand new patients each year. Among the risk factors cited are age (over 50), race (white), gender (female), family history of AMD, and unhealthy lifestyles associated with smoking, physical inactivity or hypertension. The previous report was prepared in 2015. As the association's president, Malgorzata Pacholec, points out, a lot has changed in patient care over the past eight years.

- Since 2016, patients have been treated in the drug program. It's a fantastic program, which is the gold standard for treating patients with exudative AMD. So we have a very good standard of treatment. However, at the moment it treats at ...

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