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What Poles have in the heart, or WCCI 2023

MedExpress Team


Published May 8, 2023 09:27

What Poles have in the heart, or WCCI 2023 - Header image
The 27th Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions (WCCI) Workshop, organized by the Foundation for the Support of Interventional Cardiology under the auspices of the Association of Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Society of Cardiology and in cooperation with EAPCI and EuroPCR, was held on 19-21.04.2023. Representatives of cardiovascular medicine from all over the world, including the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Association of the Polish Society of Cardiology, the 30 Club of the Polish Society of Cardiology, and the Euro 4C group of the EAPCI and the European Society of Cardiology, took part in creating the program of this oldest and one of the most prestigious cardiology workshops in Europe.

As emphasized by Prof. Robert Gil. - President-Elect of the Polish Society of Cardiology and Director of WCCI, for the first time at WCCI a technological cardiology village was set up, which was very popular with participants.

- These were rooms where there were demonstration devices from various companies, on which one could "practice" performing various vascular procedures or examinations. This included intravascular imaging, left ventricular assist, new devices to reduce atherosclerotic plaque (orbital atherectomy, coronary lithotripsy), in short, over the course of two days, specialists showed how to use these devices, how they can be applied in clinical situations and their technological nuances. - lists the professor. - This technology village generated a great deal of interest, and the most interesting of the devices was considered by participants to be the one where you could build your own endovascular guidewire. The village was a great success. - He continues. - Also, for the nth time, the format of a session on specific clinical cases along the lines of the classic EuroPCR session (HWIT- How would I treat such a patient?) worked well. Nota bene, EuroPCR is the most prestigious meeting of invasive cardiologists in Europe, and we have been collaborating with WCCI for years. This year's theme was the cardiogenic shock patient. A huge number of questions and interest from the participants, a lively discussion and an edifying exchange of experience," Professor Robert Gil summarizes.

- A great success, which we are very pleased with, is the dynamic development and very good reception of two mini workshops for advanced operators held during WCCI - Warsaw CTO, dedicated to operators interested in training in recanalization procedures for chronic coronary occlusions, prepared by prof. Maksymilian Opolski (Warsaw) and Paul Knaapen (Amsterdam), as well as the Warsaw-CHIP workshop dedicated to complex high-risk procedures), whose directors are Prof. Tomasz Pawłowski (Warsaw) and Mirosław Ferenc (Bad Krozingen). - mentions Prof. Adam Witkowski, Past President of the Polish Society of Cardiology, Director of WCCI. - The halls were bursting at the seams at sessions devoted to the so-called nightmares of the invasive cardiologist, surprising situations, the most serious complications, spectacular procedures mostly with a happy ending. We, as practitioners, learn from the mistakes, including those of others, discussed in the workshop. We are happy that the stationary formula of our workshops worked for the first time since the pandemic, and we were visited by celebrities of cardiovas...

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