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Coalition for Prematurity has been supporting premature babies for 10 years

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published March 24, 2023 10:56

Coalition for Prematurity has been supporting premature babies for 10 years - Header image
fot. Koalicja dla wcześniaka
Ten years ago the Coalition for the Premature Infant was founded - a social initiative created by Prof. Maria Katarzyna Borszewska-Kornacka, then president of the Polish Neonatology Society. At the time, too little was being said about premature babies and the dangers they face from the first days of life. The goal of the Coalition for the Premature was to propose solutions to improve the health care system for preterm infants, as well as to educate parents of preterm infants and the general public about the needs and problems of this special group of children.

- When we established the Coalition for the Premature Infant, I didn't think that we would create such a great organization that would be a partner in dialogue with policy makers and the medical community. We have succeeded. In addition, we have created a community with parents of premature babies and are in contact with them every day through social media. We educate parents of premature babies on how to care for and support their babies' development, as well as neonatology staff on how to communicate with parents of premature babies. The guidebooks we prepare and publish are very popular. We also support neonatologists in Ukraine by conducting trainings and webinars for them. The past year h...

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