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Don't get lost in thought! Move to the doctor!

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Nov. 13, 2023 09:56

Don't get lost in thought! Move to the doctor! - Header image
fot.: screenshot | YouTube
Stańczyk has disappeared from a Jan Matejko painting. He is making his way through Warsaw to take advantage of preventive examinations. This is how the plot of the spot, which was created as part of the Day at the U campaign organized by the Rak'n'roll Foundation, can be summarized. Famous people were involved in the making of the film.

"A Day at the U" is a campaign launched in 2019 to encourage regular checkups, in which we focused on positive messages instead of ineffective disease scares. We know that one of the excuses for not getting tested is "lack of time." However, instead of shaming with the seemliness of this 'excuse,' we used it," reads the d...

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