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Why don't we investigate?

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Published Nov. 23, 2022 08:02

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Two-thirds of Poles do not perform preventive examinations, and 40 percent. does not know that they are free - according to the published report "Why don't we test ourselves? Prevention of Polish women and Poles”.

The study was conducted on a representative group of Poles on the initiative of the Association for Sarcoma and Melanoma Patients. Research partners include: Polish Society of Oncology and the National Institute of Oncology. Maria Skłodowska-Curie National Research Institute.

President of the Polish Society of Oncology prof. Piotr Rutkowski said, opening the debate, that the results were not surprising. "But I didn't think it was that bad." Half of the respondents do not know what preventive examinations are, more than 60 percent. doesn't do them. 40 percent does not even know that they are fully financed - emphasized the head of the Department of Soft Tissue Cancer, Bone and Melanoma of the National Institute of Oncology. Maria S...

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