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HIV testing campaign launches at clubs and festivals

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Published May 8, 2023 11:50

HIV testing campaign launches at clubs and festivals - Header image
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The numbers of newly detected HIV infections are growing, but the percentage of Poles who get tested is still low. This makes it all the more important to reach with this testing where there is the most risky behavior.

The number of people living with HIV in Poland is growing, although the National AIDS Center estimates that still only 10-20% of Polish adults have ever taken a test. This could mean that many people are living with the chronic disease, but don't yet know about it. HIV counselors, nurses and a streetworker from the Social Education Foundation want to remedy this. As part of the "PartyTEST" project, they encourage testing for HIV, HCV and syphilis, provide information on these infections, and conduct testing where the most vulnerable young adults gather - at festivals and clubs. Funding for...

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