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National Transformation Plan for Health - a strategy for the coming years

MedExpress Team


Published Dec. 27, 2023 13:00

National Transformation Plan for Health - a strategy for the coming years - Header image
Smoking, uncontrolled hypertension and the epidemic of overweight and obesity - these are the main risk factors for diseases that are hugely determined by the daily health choices, or anti-health choices, of Poles. How to change them, and whether it's even possible, experts pondered at the 10th Public Health Congress.

Dr. Jerzy Gryglewicz, starting the panel on the National Transformation Plan for Health, reminded the audience that at the moment the most important challenges facing Poland in the area of public health in the broadest sense are centered around demography. We are dealing with a rapidly aging population, lack of generational replacement (low fertility rates, the late age at which women give birth to their first, and often only, child) and pronounced over-mortality of men. The expert recalled that while Polish women live to be about 82 years old, the figure for men is 74 - we are among the group of countries with the largest gender disparities.

The National Transformation Plan for Health defines health priorities - it was created on the basis of health maps, the creation of which was "forced" by the European Union more than eight years ago, seeing that some countries, including Poland, had problems with the targeted placement of EU funds in the area of health care. At the time, the idea was to manage the money more efficiently, for example in the area of investment. Today, the goal of the EU, after the pandemic, is to reformulate the health policies of member states in such a way that they measure themselves as precisely as possible against the key health problems of societies. There is no doubt that the key problems are prevention, but also the trea...

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