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Oncology: an important point on the map of Warsaw

MedExpress Team

Published Oct. 12, 2023 13:12

Oncology: an important point on the map of Warsaw - Header image
Czerniakowski Hospital on Stępińska Street in Warsaw has launched a sub-department of oncological surgery and started cooperation with the National Institute of Oncology PIB. This is good news for cancer patients, especially since their numbers continue to grow. The first surgeries have already been performed.

The Oncologic Surgery Subdivision is a response to public demand resulting from the ever-increasing number of cancer cases. Prof. Zoran Stojcev, an oncologic surgeon with more than 35 years of clinical experience, who has performed several thousand oncologic surgeries, began working at the facility.

Successful treatment of patients depends on early and accurate diagnosis of cancer as well as prompt implementation of appropriate treatment as part of comprehensive oncological care, says Associate Professor Zoran Stojčev, MD, head of the Oncological Surgery sub-department and head of the Department of Oncological Surgery at Lazarski University's Czerniakowski Hospital. Despite the development of non-invasive therapeutic techniques, surge...

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