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[SONDA] February 14: Epilepsy Day

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Feb. 14, 2024 16:00

[SONDA] February 14: Epilepsy Day - Header image
Today is February 14, which is St. Valentine's Day. He is also the patron saint of people struggling with epilepsy, which is why in Poland this day is also celebrated as Epilepsy Day. And what do Warsaw residents associate this date with? We asked them about it in a street poll. We also checked how much they know about the disease and whether this knowledge is up-to-date.

"A neurological disease, severe, associated with seizures, it cannot be cured," were the most common answers given to us by passers-by when asked what epilepsy is. Warsaw residents also pointed out that a person who suffers a tonic-clonic seizure should be taken care of properly.

But when asked what they associate the date of February 14 with, did anyone answer that with epilepsy patients? Answer in the material.

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