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Regional Center for Digital Medicine at NIKard.

MedExpress Team

Published Oct. 13, 2023 08:13

Regional Center for Digital Medicine at NIKard. - Header image
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A Regional Center for Digital Medicine will be established at the National Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw-Anin. Its purpose will be to support modern diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Funds for the investment of nearly PLN 30 million come from a grant from the Medical Research Agency.

The NIKard Regional Center for Digital Medicine will serve for modern diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Its task will be to analyze real-time data, support clinical and scientific research and hospital care in the area of digital solutions.

- Cardiovascular diseases are still one of the leading causes of death among Poles. The establishment of the Center will contribute to improving the prognosis of inpatients, as well as those receiving outpatient care at our hospital. It will also create an opportunity to conduct scientific research effectively, as well as improve the operation and increase the application potential of clinical research conducted by the NIKard Clinical Research Support Center, which has been in operation for more than a year," said Professor Lukasz Szumowski, director of the National Institute of Cardiology.

Patient safety at the highest level

The essence of building the NIKard Regional Center for Digital Medicine (RCMC NIKard) is to create an interdisciplinary team of experts - cardiologists, data engineers and computer scientists. The task of this team will be to design solutions using modern technology that will help improve the health experience of patients.


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