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VII Patient Empowerment Congress - what's on the agenda?

MedExpress Team


Published April 21, 2023 12:52

VII Patient Empowerment Congress - what's on the agenda? - Header image
The Institute for Health Communication invites you to the 7th Patient Empowerment Congress, which this year will be held under the theme "Patient - Partner - Future."

Together with patient organizations, prominent experts in medicine, pharmacoeconomics, clinical research and decision makers responsible for the shape of the health care system, we will meet already on April 25 and 26 in Warsaw, at the Copernicus Conference Center.

Guests at the 7th Patient Empowerment Congress will include Minister Maciej Miłkowski, Dr. Paloma Cuchi from the WHO Poland Office, Patient Rights Ombudsman - Minister Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, Prof. Brygida Kwiatkowska, Prof. Przemysław Mitkowski, Prof. Anna Latos-Bieleńska, Prof. Grażyna Rydzewska, Prof. Konrad Rejdak, Prof. Tomasz Targowski, Prof. Adam Maciejczyk, MP Barbara Dziuk and many other prominent experts and patient organ...

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