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"My life with cystic fibrosis", or how the youngest see their everyday life

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Published April 24, 2023 12:39

"My life with cystic fibrosis", or how the youngest see their everyday life - Header image
On the eve of World Rare Diseases Day, which is traditionally celebrated on February 28, a meeting of the Parliamentary Group for Rare Diseases was held in the Polish Parliament, accompanied by the opening of an exhibition prepared by the MukoKoalition entitled "My Life with Cystic Fibrosis. "My life with cystic fibrosis," which is the culmination of a drawing contest with the same title.

The youngest children struggling with cystic fibrosis were invited to the competition, which was held under the honorary patronage of Mrs. Barbara Dziuk. It was given to them to express in any artistic way the emotions accompanying them in their daily struggle with the disease. The winner of the contest - Igna¶ Pietkiewicz designed the board game "Healthy Lungs" for 2-4 players from 5 years old. He came to the exhibition opening and tour of the Polish Parliament with his brother, mother and grandfather.

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