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Crystal Feathers 2023

What have the top medical journalists reported on in the past year?

MedExpress Team


Published June 27, 2023 14:34

What have the top medical journalists reported on in the past year? - Header image
This year's edition of the Crystal Feathers competition for journalists has been decided. Six journalists received the first prize and a statuette, while the jury also awarded 17 honorable mentions. This year, as many as 334 materials were submitted to the competition in four categories, among them press and Internet articles, radio broadcasts, as well as television materials and podcasts.

The purpose of the competition is to award journalists whose work has contributed to building public awareness of the dangers of the increasingly common diseases of civilization, such as cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer and diabetes, as well as to promote pro-health attitudes and the reduction, or even elimination, of risk factors.

In the category "Heart disease - a growing threat", the highest recognition of the jury and the first place was won by Anna Wilczyńska-Ciupa from TVN24 for the material entitled "How to recognize a heart attack. Campaign <Don't fail>" and Natalia Miller from the daily press title Rzeczpospolita for the article entitled "Problem of great importance."

Honorable mention was given to:

  • Slawomir Zagorski of for the article "To the heart hug the dog. Why hundreds of thousands of Poles die at their own request and how to change it?"
  • Katarzyna Pinkosz of for the article "Teenager with hypertension has 6 more years. Prof. Litwin: The heart is remodeling".
  • Anna Jarosz from the editorial board of Health Services for the article "Stroke in children and adolescents" (article available in full HERE)
  • Malgorzata Wisniewska of STUDIOMED TV for the "Two Hearts" broadcast.

In the category "Heart Diseases - a Growing Threat", the committee evaluating the works included:
Prof. Tomasz Grodzicki, MD - Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital in Cracow, editors Artur Wolski of Polish Radio Program 1 and Dorota Romanowska of Newsweek - winners of last year's ed...

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