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XII Melanoma Awareness Week

MedExpress Team


Published May 17, 2023 09:54

XII Melanoma Awareness Week - Header image

What do crop care and skin care have in common? The analogy is obvious - for crops to be healthy and abundant, they need proper care, exactly like our skin. This is confirmed by real farmers and agroinfluencers - more widely known as "Agroinfluencers", Ambassadors of this year's 12th edition of Melanoma Awareness Week. At the same time, they encourage people to follow the principles of prevention during UV exposure. The educational campaign under the slogan "Your skin - an important field to protect," aimed primarily at the agricultural community, is organized by the Melanoma Academy, the scientific section of the Polish Society for Oncological Surgery.

It's better to protect and prevent, because too late a reaction, can make the crop unsalvageable. The consequence may be only, or as much as, not much of a bountiful harvest. And what if we relate this to our skin? In that case, failure to protect against harmful UV rays can result in the loss of not only health, but even life. That's why during this year's 12th Melanoma Awareness Week, held under the slogan "Your skin - an important field to protect!", the Melanoma Academy is drawing attention to the need for prevention, especially among farmers - people who undergo frequent exposure to the sun's rays during their work.

- From my years of experience working with patients, I know the great importance of education about the dangers of sun exposure and its effects on health. Often, however, concern for skin health is neglected, and the reason is a lack of awareness about the consequences of tanning, including unintentional tanning. People don't realize that frequent exposure to the open air with unprotected skin can lead to dangerous lesions, including melanoma. That's why, together with the Melanoma Academy, we are trying to reach out to various social and professional groups to build awareness about the prevention of nevi," explainsProfessor Piotr Rutkowski, MD, Head of the Department of Tumors of Soft Tissues, Bones and Melanomas at the Mar...

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