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Mouth sores: who gets them and how to treat them?

MedExpress Team

Irena Piekarska

Published April 21, 2023 14:28

Mouth sores: who gets them  and how to treat them? - Header image
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Cracked and reddened corners of the mouth are hard to hide. Not only do they look ugly, but they can also signal a larger health problem. They appear more often in winter and early spring, usually suddenly and seemingly without a specific cause.

Mouth sores are not just an aesthetic problem. Their appearance makes us immediately lose our good mood and self-confidence. They hurt when drinking, eating, laughing or yawning. They can appear at any age. Even in early childhood. They start with a slight redness and pinching at the corners of the mouth, which quickly takes the form of small sores. In professional medical language, acrimonias is called inflammation of the corners of the mouth or angular lip inflammation. This is because this inflammation does not spread to other parts of the lips or face. Sometimes we confuse them with herpes, but the formation of the herpes is caused not by viruses, but by bacteria and fungi. The mistake is easy enough for the layman, as tiny blisters filled with serous fluid appear on the dry skin of the corners. As in herpes, they burst after a few days, oozing a secretion sometimes even with an admixture of blood, creating a wound that is difficult to heal. Untreated acrimonias ...

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