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Beer yeast. The perfect way to strengthen immunity and more ...

MedExpress Team

Magdalena Biegańska

Published Jan. 10, 2022 08:33

Beer yeast. The perfect way to strengthen immunity and more ... - Header image
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Yeast is not only an ingredient of the dough or a natural way to have a nice complexion. It is also a therapeutic agent with remarkable prophylactic benefits that strengthen the body.

Yeast has long been recognized as one of the most perfect products positively influencing the condition of the skin of hair and nails. Their effectiveness is mainly due to the high content of B vitamins. They are responsible for the condition of the hair and epidermis, its ability to regenerate and an adequate level of hydration. Vitamin B7, i.e. biotin, plays a special role in yeast. But it is thanks to the whole complex of B vitamins that yeast successfully copes with acne skin, irritations resulting from improper diet or hormonal disorders, also from improper care. They effectively regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and help maintain their secretory functions at the correct level, ensuring proper skin hydration. Vitamin B5, known as panthenol, is of great importance for the regeneration processes, bringing relief from irritation and peeling of the epidermis, s...

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