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Is losing weight after 60 definitely good for your health?

MedExpress Team

Irena Piekarska

Published Feb. 1, 2024 09:00

Is losing weight after 60 definitely good for your health? - Header image
With age, an increase in body weight, including body fat, while decreasing muscle mass and strength is a natural phenomenon. The widespread lack of concern about maintaining a healthy weight after the age of 60 is worrisome, as it is a negative phenomenon for health and quality of life. According to the Central Statistical Office in Poland, 78% of women and 82% of men in this age range are overweight or obese.

Figures presented by the CSO clearly show that the vast majority of people over 60 are overweight or struggling with obesity. Although problems with excess weight begin to appear in half of the population as early as their 30s, they are becoming more dangerous to health with each decade. Numerous studies confirm that obesity-related heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers contribute to premature deaths. People with a high (over 40) BMI live an average of five years shorter. Entering senior age often makes it increasingly difficult to control a healthy body weight, and habits established over a lifetime further prevent this. The accumulation of extra pounds has several causes. They are genetics, environmental conditions and an inappropriate too-caloric diet. At some point in life, it is also determined by a decrease in metabolic rate and abandonment of adequate physical activity. This, in turn, accelerates the loss of muscle mass, which begins to be replenished by fat tissue. Muscle burns the most calories, so when it "starts to ...

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