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Unobtrusive symptoms that are not worth ignoring

MedExpress Team


Published March 30, 2023 12:05

Unobtrusive symptoms that are not worth ignoring - Header image
In April, we celebrate World Health Day. This is a time when we approach the subject a little more carefully. As a rule, we focus on prevention or unpleasant symptoms, but sometimes we also struggle with those that are not among the most bothersome, but which we should definitely not ignore.

Some diseases take years to develop or accompany us from birth, although the first symptoms appear later in life. Meanwhile, the earlier we obtain a diagnosis, the greater the chances of a cure or, in the case of incurable entities, of preventing the development of the disease, and thus prolonging life and improving its comfort. So which symptoms are worth paying attention to, even if they are not very bothersome to us?

Frequent bruising

A bruise is nothing more than a subcutaneous hemorrhage. When blood vessels are damaged, a lesion appears on the skin, having a characteristic bluish tint. Each of us has probably had many bruises in our lives caused by injuries, and in the vast majority of cases there is nothing to worry about.

However, if bruising occurs frequently with us, and we can't recall any injury that could lead to it, it's worth taking a closer look. It could be a symptom of various medical conditions or deficiencies.

One of the reasons for the formation of subcutaneous hematomas may be thrombocytopenia. The possibility of thrombocytopenia should be tak...

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