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Apico-occipital decompression in a child with achondroplasia

MedExpress Team

MedExpress Team

Apico-occipital decompression in a child with achondroplasia - Header image
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A complicated neurosurgical procedure on the infant will be carried out on Tuesday by a team of specialists led by Prof. David Larysz, MD, head of the Department of Head and Neck Surgery for Children and Adolescents at the Children's Hospital in Olsztyn. 7.5-month-old Liliana Drzazga from Bartág, near Olsztyn, suffers from an ultra-rare genetic defect - achondroplasia.

Failure to perform this operation with the progression of the disease can cause severe neurological deficits, including internal hydrocephalus, respiratory disorders, cardiac dysregulation and motor disorders, among other problems with limb movement. - I was very keen to have the operation performed by Prof. Dawid Larysz," emphasizes Mrs. Magdalena Muracka, Lilaina's mother. - We are in the best hands. It has to be good!

Achondroplasia is a defect that occurs with a frequency of 1:25000-50000 live births. Annually in Poland an average of 2-3 children are born with it. The essence of this disease is abnormal growth of bones, including the skull, spine and limbs, and short stature. Very often in...

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